Tiffany : 163cm Huge Hip Big Chest H Cup TPE Doll

$1,269.99 $799.00

Tiffany is one of the most popular big breast sex dolls in the current sex doll market. Her height is 163cm, her big breasts, bra size for H cups and huge ass. Such a perfect female figure is a sexual object that every man would like to have. This Tiffany sex doll and her reality promise to turn your shy winter or summer night into a hot and erotic time. The WM DOLL doll is made up of tall women and has a very thick chest. The doll’s lifelike interior includes a solid metal hinged frame, ball joints and 3 simulated openings that truly mimic any woman’s physical attributes including skin feel, sexual posture and more.



Weight45kgArm length65cm
BraH CupFeet length23cm
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