School Girl Realistic Sex Dolls For Men 5ft 4in (165cm)


Candance participated in auditions for the film. She always aspired to be a movie star, but her family wanted her to be submissive and pursue a permanent job. This time he will not miss the opportunity again and he managed to show the best for himself. As one of the judges, have you ever fallen in love with him?



HeightBreastWaistHipCross ShoulderArm lengthHand lengthLeg lengthFoot lengthArm circumferenceThigh?circumferenceCalf circumferenceNeck circumferenceNet WeightGross Weight
140cm B79cm52cm76cm31cm37cm15cm74cm17cm21cm40cm24cm27cm25kg34
158cm B87cm50cm87cm32cm50cm16cm83cm19cm23cm43cm27cm26cm34kg43
161cm(As Model)92cm52cm96cm36cm53cm15cm90cm19cm27cm55cm32cm30cm39kg52
165cm B91cm52cm89cm34cm50cm16cm88cm19cm23cm44cm28cm27cm35kg43
168cm B90cm53cm85cm35cm60cm16cm95cm22cm20.5cm46cm30cm29cm36kg44

Gifts: Hair, Clothes, Blanket, Gloves, Comb, Genital Douche, And Genital Heating Rod.

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