Medium Breast Love Dolls Mixed-blood Real Life Realistic

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Everyone needs a hobby; something completely different than usual to spend a little energy on the mind, a few hours at a time. I’m interested in photography. I like to use old movie cameras. The whole process is fun: you need to find the film, then you need the tools to design it, and then print it. It becomes lost art. However, I’m one step ahead – I already have a great model willing to do anything I ask: me! Would you like to take part in the session? The subject of this shoot: sex! I may need help a little later. Are you for it?



HeightBreastWaistHipCross ShoulderArm lengthHand lengthLeg lengthFoot lengthArm circumferenceThigh?circumferenceCalf circumferenceNeck circumferenceNet WeightGross Weight
132cm(As Model)60cm36cm58cm22cm35cm14cm70cm15cm16cm31cm23cm17cm23kg30kg

Gifts: Hair, Clothes, Blanket, Gloves, Comb, Genital Douche, And Genital Heating Rod.

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