Japanese Small Breast Solid Love Doll 4ft 1in (125cm)


I love to dance. You will find me where Kickin Beat is and if you want to be my special friend, you know exactly how to act. You do not have to be an expert, just show me that you can move. Try this: Put one hand on your hip and lean back and forth on the batter. Is not that good? Are you ready to practice dance in a more private environment? Take me to your room.



HeightBreastWaistHipCross ShoulderArm lengthHand lengthLeg lengthFoot lengthArm circumferenceThigh


Calf circumferenceNeck circumferenceNet WeightGross Weight
125cm(As Model)63cm39cm63cm25cm35cm14cm60cm14cm18cm33cm23cm24cm17kg22


Gifts: Hair, Clothes, Blanket, Gloves, Comb, Genital Douche, And Genital Heating Rod.

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Additional information



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