Handsome Anime Male Sex Doll Michael Three Dildos As Gifts


Several friends gathering last night, I met a friend who I didn’t see for a long time. Then we drank a few bottles of beer, he was drunk at the time. I took him home to sleep with him that night. I woke up that morning, looking at the friend next to me. I want to do something. For example, help him have sex. Then, I carefully reach into his underwear and touched his penis slowly. As a result, his cock become hard. Although he did not respond to me. I know that he must be awake. Later, we two packed up and went to work. I always feel that something has changed.



#Parameter NameDoll Measurements
1Height63 inches(160cm)
3Packing wight35kg
4Packing size63*17*11inches(160*43*28cm)
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Additional information


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