Eyes-closed Japanese Sex Doll Japanese Sex Doll 4ft 7in (140cm)


I??m a bit of an individual – I love my style, and I work on my own. I??m the only member of my roller derby league who doesn??t even have a tattoo. In this day and age, it has made me absolutely unique! When I want to love someone like you, I don??t turn around and play games. I like to go straight to business: to cheer you on in my bedroom. Want to see if I started out cute?



HeightBreastWaistHipCross ShoulderArm lengthHand lengthLeg lengthFoot lengthArm circumferenceThigh?circumferenceCalf circumferenceNeck circumferenceNet WeightGross Weight
140cm Flat(As Model)66cm49cm76cm29cm43cm15cm77cm17cm20cm41cm24cm29cm23kg32KG
140cm B79cm52cm76cm31cm37cm15cm74cm17cm21cm40cm24cm27cm25kg34
158cm B87cm50cm87cm32cm50cm16cm83cm19cm23cm43cm27cm26cm34kg43
165cm B91cm52cm89cm34cm50cm16cm88cm19cm23cm44cm28cm27cm35kg43
168cm B90cm53cm85cm35cm60cm16cm95cm22cm20.5cm46cm30cm29cm36kg44


Gifts: Hair, Clothes, Blanket, Gloves, Comb, Genital Douche, And Genital Heating Rod.

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Additional information


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