Big Boom Blonde C19 Japanese Sex Doll 5ft 4in (165cm)


Many girls seek wealth and fame, especially when they are young. They will do anything for the sake of wealth and fame in return. Christina is one of many naive girls. She has dreamed of becoming a supermodel, performing on stage. One day an agency stopped Christina on the way and asked her if she was interested. But he had to pass a test in his study. They ordered her to take off her sexy clothes for the sake of her pieces. At first he refused, but would do his best for his dream. And guess what? He began to find himself immersed in this slut environment, he could not control himself but posed in all seductive positions. Do you want to upgrade and try this supermodel?



Height Bust Waist Hip Leg Length Foot Length Vagina Depth Anal Depth Oral Depth Net Weight Gross Weight Package Size (cm)
148cm B80cm51cm78cm68cm18cm17cm17cm12cm25KG33KG138*40*28
158cm B85cm50cm85cm80cm19cm17cm17cm12cm33KG40KG148*42*30
165cm B(As Model)88cm55cm88cm83cm21cm17cm17cm12cm36KG45KG156*42*30

Gifts: Hair, Clothes, Blanket, Gloves, Comb, Genital Douche, And Genital Heating Rod.

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Additional information


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