165cm Flexible Stylish Blonde Real Doll Brown Skin Chloe


Many people like girls who are about 165 cm tall. Chloe is such a girl. Shorts and tight T-shirts are her favorites, which make her look very fashionable.

This is the impression of a friend of hers.
We may have been chatting on the Internet for less than a week, and we met. That day, she said that she wanted to watch a movie, but no one was with her. I don??t know if she said it was an unintentional or intentional invitation. After listening to her, I had a meeting and invited her to watch a movie. She was happy to agree, and also happy to agree where I met. When she first met her, her dress was very simple. Although jeans and short-sleeved tops are ordinary, they look refreshing and make me think she is generous. We watched the movie together and had dinner together. The atmosphere is always good. I can see that she likes me very much because when I talk, she will look at me very carefully and make me feel very important. In this way, the atmosphere of getting along makes me feel good to her.



#Parameter NameDoll Measurements
2weight25 kg
3Bust31 inches(80cm)
4Hips29.9 inches(76cm)
5Waist20 inches(51cm)
6Vagina7.1 inches(18cm)
7Anus6.3 inches(16cm)
8Mouth5.1 inches(13cm)
9Packing size55*17*11inches(140*43*28cm)
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Additional information


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