160cm Interactive Hot Real Sex Bot Vivian


I was very impressed when I remembered the story that happened between us. We booked two rooms that day, we are resting in different rooms. In the middle of the night, I was urinated and turned to the public restroom in the corridor. When I came back, I forgot to close the door and fell asleep in bed. In my sleep, with a familiar smell of perfume, someone entered my room and went to my bed. Next, holding me from behind, two prominent crisp chests stuck to my back, and my little hand reached into my underwear. “I want you…” The familiar voice in my voice got into my ear, I can’t control it anymore, I immediately ride on her, no matter who she is, I won’t miss this opportunity.



Doll information

#Parameter NameDoll MeasurementsDoll MeasurementsDoll Measurements
1Height59.1 inches(150cm)63 inches(160cm)66.1 inches(168cm)
2weight30.5 kg43 kg41 kg
3Bust27.6 inches(70cm)34.6 inches(88cm)30.7 inches(78cm)
4Hips32.3 inches(82cm)35 inches(89cm)34.6 inches(88cm)
5Waist20.9 inches(53cm)24.8 inches(63cm)22.8 inches(58cm)
6Vagina6.7 inches(17cm)6.7 inches(17cm)6.7 inches(17cm)
7Anus5.5 inches(14cm)5.5 inches(14cm)5.5 inches(14cm)
9Packing size60.6*16.5*12.2inches(154*42*31cm)
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