160cm Aileen Navy Suit Sino Doll Japanese Silicone Sex Doll


Precautions for taking good care of sex dolls

1. We recommend that you use “water-based lubricant” when entering the vagina, anus and oral cavity to prevent skin tears. Of course, using condoms would be better.

2. If you like doggy style, please don’t add weight to the doll’s hand or wrist. Use pillows or quilts or other soft objects to protect her palms to support the torso of the sex doll.

3. The realistic sex doll has a metal skeleton with multiple fixed and movable joints, making it flexible and able to perform various postures. However, we recommend that you do not put real sex dolls in difficult positions, avoid using sharp objects, fire sources, hair dryers, they will damage the doll??s skin, stretch the limbs and use excessive force, because this may damage the doll. The skin and bones of the doll are also very soft.

4. All real dolls need to be cleaned after sex. You can put her in the water or shower with her, but please be careful not to let her head or neck soak in the water. If you want to clean the baby’s face, wipe it gently with a damp cloth and use a mild antibacterial soap.

5. After natural drying, please use the attached brush to make the skin soft, and use baby powder to keep it soft.

6. Take care to ensure that any clothes that you want to wear a realistic sex doll will not change color. Although stain removers do an excellent job of removing stains on most clothing, there are still some difficulties that cannot even be eliminated.

7. In order to prevent material aging, please do not expose your real doll to direct sunlight for a long time.



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